• Available in 4 variants – Casserole 3.7 L, Saucepan 2.8 L, Saucepan 2 L and Fry Pan 21 cm.
  • Bakelite handle that stays cool for easy handling.
  • Tempered glass cover which allows you to determine when food is finally cooked.
  • Anti-rust stainless steel allows rapid and even heat distribution.
  • The specialized valve can be opened for steam release or closed for waterless cooking.
  • Q+ Warranty available.
Do not grease the mold. It is not recommended to bake a cake in the microwave oven in this Mold.
Shipping Dispatched in 1-2 working days
No Refund Only Replacement is Accepted without Use. Within Replacement Window

Tupperware Inspire Series Saucepan 2 .8
In Stock

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