• Pill storage case, pill and collectibles, Portable Medicine Organizer, Easy taking Medicine box, Pill Case. Convenient to storage useful medicine. Ideal for elders and senior citizens during travels. Easy to carry and use.
        • 100% brand new and good design. Made of BPA free high grade plastic. Plastic round multi-color pill box with lock plastic medicine mini container
        •  Portable folding seal plastic mini travel portable small kit storage box, jewelry box, Pill box, Pill Cases & Splitters, Medicines, Fishing hook, Cosmetics, Jewelry, pills, nail art tool accessories and small stuff storage box. Fishing Hook tackle box small folding storage box.
        • Easy to keep and carry. Cute and compact design. Convenient to find items. Good impact engineering materials. hard to broke and easy to carry, Raise working efficiency.
        • Great for carrying small stuff while travelling.
        • Small, simple and stylish containers
        •  Package Include - 1 Pc Pill Box in 1 pack
        • Material :  Plastic
        • Color: May vary as per latest stock
        Shipping Dispatched in 1-2 working days
        No Refund Only Replacement is Accepted without Use. Within Replacement Window

        Tupperware Pill Container
        In Stock
        SKU : TUP_167

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