• Comes in three convenient sizes - Small 700 ml, Flat 650 ml and Medium 1.2  L
  • Faster, more effecient freezing and defrosting owing to the six sided air flow.
  • See through textured body to identify contents and easy grip.
  • Airtight seal with tab eases removal and keeps things fresh.
  • Unique silicone bottom helps to easily pop out single ice cubes with just the press of thumb.
  • Feet allow air circulation for faster freezing.
  • The unique filling system prevents spills on the countertop or on your way to the freezer.
  • Seal prevents spills and shields from freezer odors.
Do not grease the mold. It is not recommended to bake a cake in the microwave oven in this Mold.
Shipping Dispatched in 1-2 working days
No Refund Only Replacement is Accepted without Use. Within Replacement Window

Tupperware Freezer Mate Small 700 ml
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SKU : TUP_71

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