• Package Contents: 2 Pieces Container(250ml),1 Piece Container (350ml ) ,1 Piece Container (450ml), 1 Piece Container (50ml) With 1 Piece Bag
  • Superior quality 100 percent leak proof containers
  • 100 percent air tight keeps food fresh for long hours
  • Additional pocket inside the jacket for keeping paper napkin and fork
  • Compact size which fits easily in briefcase, school bag and handbag
  • Freezer safe and dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for dry and semi liquid food
  • Keeps food fresh for long hours
  • Easy to clean fabric jacket
  • Special silicone food grade seal in lid
  • Comes with 5 containers
  • Color: Pink, Material: Plastic
Do not grease the mold. It is not recommended to bake a cake in the microwave oven in this Mold.
Shipping Dispatched in 1-2 working days
No Refund Only Replacement is Accepted without Use. Within Replacement Window

Tupperware Spring Surprise Lunch Set
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SKU : TUP_93

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